I'm Andy Lanning from Boise, Idaho and I teach people how to use computers. Everyone can benefit from a little help once in awhile. I've posted some good stuff under “Nerdy Info” above for your quick reference of basic questions and also my Class Schedule in case you're more of a "student type".
If you just need the basics or you're a professional and need advanced tips for productivity, call me. You will be smarter when I'm done training you. At the very least, you'll be relieved that I left. (I'm joking!)

Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS)
Excel Certified Expert
Word Certified Expert

20+ years computer use
18 years instructing as adjunct at local college

I’m strictly a laptop owner (2) and 1 amazing Mac.

My vices: I’m an Excel junkie and an Email addict. There must be a support group out there for this...

Andy Lanning
Computer Software Training, LLC
Boise, ID 83706

Andy @

(tip: remove the spaces around the @ sign to email me. It’s an anti-spam trick so I don’t get garbage from less-than-ethical types.)